Every person is unique, with different characteristics, needs and goals. To meet these characteristics and to support you on your way in the best possible and efficient way isĀ our core competence. Your goals will be discussed and defined in a personal meeting. An introduction training makes it possible to evaluate your basic fitness and to make an assessment of your current situation. Together we will develop a training concept for you and round it off with a holistic, sport-scientifically founded consultation.

In addition to the personal training we offer you individual support in the creation of training plans. With the TRUEFIT App you always have your personal trainer with you.

Single lesson

A single lesson usually lasts 60 minutes. Changes can be discussed individually and the offer can be adjusted accordingly.
Price incl. value added tax

CHF 170.-


The one-time introductory subscription includes a first conversation followed by an introductory double lesson (120 minutes) and two individual lessons of 60 minutes each. Price incl. value added tax

CHF 450.-

10-pack subscription

This subscription consists of 10 individual lessons. For first-time training, an initial consultation is included in the subscription.There is a discount of 10% on the individual lessons.
Price incl. value added tax

CHF 1530.-

20-pack subscription

20 individual lessons. For first-time training, an initial consultation is included in the subscription. A personal training plan is included
Price incl. value added tax

CHF 2975.-


Even if you have to stay at home, don't forget to stay active. We will support you via livestream during your training and follow your progress online! Call us or send us an e-mail. The online sessions will be charged at normal single lesson / subscription prices. But you will also get a free training plan for each session!
Price incl. value added tax

CHF 107.-


The sports science consultation includes a goal-oriented consultation, whereby special attention is paid to your questions. The rate is per hour.
Price incl. value added tax

CHF 170.-

VIP group training for 2-4 persons

Perfect for small groups who want to make progress together or prepare for a competition. Price per person for a 10 pack subscription.
Price incl. value added tax

CHF 1148.-

Training plan

Your personal training plan tailored to your needs. In addition, the training plan can be obtained with an existing subscription:
With the introductory subscription: CHF 215
With the 10-pack subscribtion: CHF 180
Price incl. value added tax

CHF 240.-

TRUE Diagnostics

With the help of modern performance diagnostics, the general state of health and fitness can be determined, training recommendations derived and progress checked. Diagnostics, with spiroergometry as a core element, takes place at the Hirslanden Lung Centre and includes the following examinations:


The training is basically independent of location and can be carried out with mobile training equipment. You can come to our studio at Vulkanstrasse 120, 8048 Zurich and the Physiotherapy Seefeld (Seefeldstrasse 75, 8008 Zurich), train at home, in the office or in nature.


For external training courses within the city of Zurich no travel allowance is charged. For neighbouring areas, a flat rate of 3.00/km (zero Zurich HB) per training course will be charged. Exceptions are at Truefit's discretion.